Monday, December 24, 2012

Why Working Holidays Rocks

Aside from the annoyance of having to deal with childcare issues, I really like working on holiday weeks. It's like the funnest time to be working because:

1) There is so much food and treats everywhere. Yum.

2) Everyone is in a cheerful mood.

3) No traffic.

4) No trouble parking.

5) Generally tends to be easier, quieter days, at least where I work.

6) Excuse for any relative who complains that I'm not visiting: "Oh, sorry, I have to work!"


  1. I've enjoyed working holidays at my old jobs for similar reasons with two important additions -- (1) Nobody messes with you / gives you annoying busy work that must be completed now or else, and (2) the people at work during these times tend to be more laid back. It's also why I like working nights.

  2. working holidays is actually hell in the ER, but agree with everything else!

    ER MD

  3. you're kidding about the traffic, right?

    1. Mine was the only car on the road this morning.

  4. extra pay for those of us who get the hourly rate.

  5. This is why I always volunteer to work on Christmas! I work in longterm care, and residents' (patients who live there, of course, not medical residents!) families always bring us in lots of treats, and it's so easy to be cheerful, and I love trying to make people smile and being extra-friendly :) And...compared to working in service -->Dennys and Mcdonalds<-- it is no more busy than any other day of the year, but the pay is double! There is everything right with working holidays, if it's possible for you.

  6. Agree! The last reason is the best. It has gotten me out of onerous holiday travel with little kids sooo many times!