Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Whine: Flowers

I'm sorry, but I just don't "get" flowers.

They look nice, I guess. But plenty of things look nice and don't require as much maintenance as flowers. When someone gives me flowers, I just feel like I don't know what to do with them. I don't want a gift that all I do is look at. I'd prefer a gift that I can do something with, like eat it.

Plus they die, especially in my hands. If you give me flowers, you are basically giving me something that will almost definitely rot and die within days.

But I do feel like I'm a little bit odd in my dislike of flowers, so I'll generally at least pretend to like them in social situations.

I was at a park with a good friend of mine over the summer, and there were all these flowers blooming everywhere. She was getting really poetic about it.

Her: "Oh my gosh, look at those beautiful purple azaleas!"

Me: "Oh wow!"

Her: "And look at those [insert adjective + name of other kind of flower]!"

Me: "Wow, so beautiful!"

Her: "Oh wait. I forgot--you said you don't have any interest in flowers. You don't care about any of this."

Me: "Yeah, you're right. None of these flowers interest me at all."

At least I was willing to fake it though.


  1. I'm with you. I think they can look nice in a plant bed but I do not understand the reasoning behind cutting them out and putting them in a jar.

    Once when I was very sick in the hospital my sister sent me a plant. I guess she remembered I don't like flowers, but I was allergic to the stupid plant! I sent it away with the first visitor who would take it.

    Fortunately the plant came with a teddy bear. I named him Mofeen Bear, partly due to how much morphine they were giving me for pain and partly due to the mythical tale of the guy who steals a prescription pad and tries to get filled a script for "Mofeen, 1 lb". The nurses all thought it was hilarious. I still have him by my bedside.

  2. I am your opposite when it comes to flowers... LOVE THEM! I used to kill them all the time, but must say, I have developed quite a green thumb once i realized water is magic! Hehehe!

    I am hosting Medical Monday Blog Hop this Monday (1/7) and would like to invite you and any of your friends to join us. Would love to see you on the grid!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I generally am more impressed by the gift of a plant than flowers. I like houseplants and can normally keep them alive, but giving me a bouquet of flowers, or even live flowers in a pot, always ends in death. It seems funny to me to give someone a "gift" that is guaranteed to die in a few days.
    A nice houseplant or, even better (as you said), a gift that you can eat is more suited to my tastes! Of course with everyone nowadays with food allergies, gluten sensitivities, vegan lifestyles, and diabetes, how exactly do you give anyone food as a gift anymore?!

  4. Yeah I hate flowers too. I mean, I love them when I look at them in the ground, but it seems slightly depressing when you receive them in a vase and you know you will watch them slowly die. Now if someone took me to a botanical garden/meadow/place where there are flowers, I would like that a lot more than receiving them in a vase.