Sunday, January 20, 2013

What your attending says....


  1. ha...ha... nice post. I like all the cartoon posts very much :-)

  2. "I'll be in theatre 1 if you're interested."
    I show up: "Good. Scrub in, I need an assist".

    "You can go take a quick coffee break."
    I almost leave: "Oh and bring me back a latte."

    "You may be interested in seing this if you have time."
    I didn't have the time. "WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE?"

    "This is a good topic to read up, will be useful in the future."
    Next day: "Have you prepared the presentation like I asked you to?"

    I had a long list of examples, but lost the backup and no longer have the list. Probably for the best.

  3. Oh my gosh, the second one is flawless. That happens to me all the freaking time.

    My intern year when I was doing rheumatology, my attending once had only one patient scheduled for clinic the next day. It was an old lady with occasional dizziness, so he was going to have to do some sort of dizziness workup. (it was a favor to the patient's daughter) He told me I should help him out if I was interested. Seeing as how it had nothing to do with rheumatology (and I'm an ortho resident so it was really useless for me) plus it was going to involve a half hour drive in the snow each way to see one patient, I asked him if he would mind if I didn't show up.

    And I was never allowed to do an injection in clinic again after that.


  4. Attending: "you need to go the extra mile". Translation: Show me your tits.