Thursday, February 28, 2013

PM... what?

I was walking through one of the units where I work yesterday when I overheard two nurses looking at a patient's schedule for the day:

Nurse #1: "What's this thing on the schedule? PM...R? What's that?"

Nurse #2: "I have no idea."

Nurse #1: "Oh, here's Dr. McFizz, maybe she knows. Dr. McFizz, do you know what PMR means?"

Me: "You're kidding me."

They weren't kidding me.


  1. I find that hilarious. Did you saying something along the lines of - "its my field... but nope, no idea."..?
    oooh, or Permanent Mind Retraction? Promiscuous Men Ranching?

  2. Please tell me you don't work in a rehabilitation hospital. Please.

  3. I always thought that PM&R stood for Plenty of Money and Rest

  4. Isn't that what women get once a month?