Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

Reception: "Your first patient of the morning called to say he's running late. He's a worker's comp patient. He doesn't speak English. He's coming in for pain in his head, shoulders, arms, back, hips, and legs."

Me: "Is there any possible chance this is all an April Fools joke?"

Not that I don't love worker's comp patients who don't speak English and have pain in every part of their body.

Well, could have been worse. At least "groin" wasn't included in there.


  1. Workers comp patients. Most are honest in need of help, but the 10-20% who try and scam give the others a bad name

  2. I told my daughter this morning that DisneyWorld exploded, read it on the news last night. "Really mom? That's terrible." Silence. "How did that happen?" The look on her face made me crumble. "April Fools!"

    Techs got me today in spades. So did Jack, with stealth maneuver about hole in my pants while I was cooking breakfast. C got me back tonight too.

    Fun day!

  3. We froze the milk and put corn flakes on top for the kids....April fools