Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bus bum

A couple of years ago, I used to take the bus to work. I could go on and on about the aggravations of riding the bus, but it was also kind of interesting. There were quite colorful characters on the bus.

One day, I was staring at this guy for most of the bus ride. He was dressed like a total bum/hippie with frayed jeans, a T-shirt, sideburns, and some hippie drink. Then I noticed he was wearing an ID badge and it said MD after his name. I was like, "No way! How is this guy a doctor and going to work like this?!"

Then I noticed under his name, it said "Psychiatry." OK, that offered somewhat of an explanation, but seriously, I'm pretty sure even a psychiatrist can't come to work in dirty jeans and a T-shirt.


  1. lol, what would a hippie drink be?

  2. On my first day rotating at the psychiatric hostpital, when my attending approached me I mistook him for a patient. It wasn't just the no-white-coat thing, but also the ragged look, the disheveled hair, and this funny smile. I don't think I've met another psychiatrist quite like him, and I still kinda doubt if he wasn't actually a patient...

  3. haha sideburns are hippy? I guess you mean he had some SERIOUS sideburns

  4. Hey, don't judge - we have a veterinary dermatologist who comes to work (and sees clients) wearing:

    - jean shorts with a tucked-in tie-dye tee shirt
    - socks with Keen sandals
    - long grey ponytail
    - single, dangly earring

    His clients love him. Everyone's different!

  5. I thought that was the point of the lab coat: to cover the fact that you are still in PJs.

  6. Maybe he stole the badge from his last visit to the ward...