Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hot patient

How do you react when a patient (of the opposite sex) is totally hot?

When I used to do Sports clinics, some of the patients would be total hotties. For example, I remember one guy who was about 25 and a firefighter. He was in excellent shape. He had shoulder pain and in order to properly evaluate shoulder pain, you must have the patient remove their shirt. It's part of the physical exam, I swear.

Anyway, he took off his shirt and it was sort of like that moment in the movies when the hot guy takes off his shirt and all the women in the audience gasp and they play that "oh yeah" music. I mean, wow, he was ripped. He was so ripped, it was actually getting me a little flustered.

Now I was a total professional, I promise. Honestly, muscles don't even usually impress me. I mean, maybe if instead of being a firefighter, he worked at Google or something, that would have been different. But even so, like I said, I was definitely slightly flustered. Maybe it was because he was shirtless and I was worried that he thought I might be admiring his huge muscles. Or maybe because a guy roughly my age was half-naked in front of me.

I mean, I'm only human, right?


  1. Yes, you're not alone!

    I feel extra self-conscious even about swallowing (*gulp!*).

    In general, it's tough for men who perform breast and pelvic exams because we need to have a chaperone in the room. So not only are women subjected to an embarrassing exam, they have a bored and irritated MA in there as well.

  2. In my med school, we do practice patient interviews (HPI, etc) on hired actors. The first exam I walked in the room to take a history from "Mr. Jones with diarrhea" and the hottest guy was sitting there. You are graded on patient interaction, so there I was, blushing, making eye contact with super-hottie while asking him about diarrhea. It was beyond awkward.

  3. I got really sad when I had to ask a hot muscular guy to stop flexing so much so I can safely draw blood...

  4. We had a standardized patient practice session with a patient who asked us out on a date and gave us expensive romantic gifts. Thank god the standardized patient wasn't hot or else it might have been way more awkward.

  5. Working in derm we do full body skin exams which include younger patients if they've had significant exposure...think hot tan firefighters. I blush everytime

  6. I do medical control for firefighters and ride with them occasionally. The reactions we get are sometimes extremely comical. The other day we transported someone from my sister's office (family practitioner) and she nearly fell completely apart. At work she is cold and efficient, almost bitchy, and to see that made my whole month. Flipping her hair, casually brushing an arm while giving the history...she will never live it down.

    I don't remember much of anything about any of the med school patient scenarios due to the focus. Of course most of my patients now generally look as bad as they feel, thus the visit. Visitors and family on the other hand...occasionally we get somethin' there.

  7. I had to smile after reading this and the comments. I am a former firefighter and lived with these "hot" guys for 9 years. After listening to farts, burps, corny jokes, etc. they became more like brothers. I remember going on calls and watching the women's reactions, it was amusing to say the least. One time a woman asked me how could I concentrate with all these hot guys around. I thought, "where...what hot guys?"

  8. Back in my days as a pharmacy tech and a single gal I did have this really cute patient this one time. No disrobing was required in the pharmacy, of course! Anyway, it was a slow night and I chatted with him while the pharmacist tried to fix his insurance issue. Ultimately he asked me out and we did go out a few times. The pharmacist checked his profile before that first date to make sure he wasn't on any antipsychotics. ;)

    In all seriousness, I'm not entirely sure what the best way to handle it would be. I do have a theory that single young men are the demographic group least likely to frequent pharmacies so I don't think it comes up all that much for young women in the pharmacy. As a pharmacist myself now, I don't think I'd be too concerned if one of my techs wanted to go out with a patient, but I think a pharmacist would have to be a lot more careful. Fortunately I am now married and it isn't an issue for me.

    In just a question of refraining from ogling the patient... well, the patients who take their shirts off in the pharmacy are usually the skeezy ones. So it doesn't tend to be a big issue.

  9. Oh god. Cue gorgeous young dude, tan, fit, showing up to ER at 4am to disheveled exhausted me. Then doing a full physical on him (except GU).

    I try to look and act professional, but if you're blushing furiously, it's really hard to hide. I'm still working on a way to handle it. Luckily, my own dude is the hottest guy I know (in my opinion), and that helps a lot.

    Also - lol@living with the firefighters for 9 years! I can only imagine! Definitely shows them in a very different light!

  10. During my family medicine block, I had a patient that was an exotic dancer. She was in great shape, but complained of back pain. She definitely stood out in the waiting room filled with the diabetic elderly I was accustomed to seeing. I admit to giving a very thorough back exam!

  11. This reminds me so much of fitting actors in the theatrical costuming business. Some of them are over-the-top hot and others not so much (I have no excuse, however, to complain about that). While I always maintained my outward professional demeanor, there were a few deep breathing moments—except for the actor who insisted I look him full up and down in his speedo and acknowledge his body. I think his entire self-esteem was centered around that. I didn't find him as physically attractive as he might otherwise have been.