Friday, April 26, 2013

Not a woman

Me: "Mr. Smith?"

Patient: "Yes..."

Me: "Hi, I'm Dr. McFizz."

Patient: "Oh no, are you the one who's going to be electrocuting me?"

Me: "Ummmmmmm.... I guess."

Patient: "But I specifically said I didn't want a woman to do it."

Me: "Are you serious?"

Patient: "Last time, a woman did it and she really hurt me. I don't want a woman."

Me: "Well, all the residents today are female, so it looks like you're out of luck."

Patient: "What about Dr. Attending? Can't he do it?"

Me: "Nope."

Patient: "Women always screw things up. They can never take my blood right. They're always hurting me."

Me: "I'll try not to hurt you, Mr. Smith." Even though I really really want to.

I have to admit, that was a first. Honestly, usually patients are happy to get a female doctor if they show a preference either way.


  1. That is because people falsley assume females will be more gentle.

    1. Yeah. The cruelest Pap smears are from females. I don't know what their problem is. I've always been extra gentle when performing them, but apparently I'm the only female who does them kindly.

    2. Seriously. I don't ever want to go back to the OB-GYN because mine hurt so badly. I was sore for hours afterward.

  2. Because electrocution hurts less when performed by the male of the species...

  3. I have had this experience many times as an ophthalmology resident working at the VA- the best was when one of my patients (who I gave an intravitreal injection to), stepped out of my office after the procedure, and loudly exclaimed to the other waiting patients- "You should let the lady doctor give you your injection! It was much less painful than last time!"