Friday, May 10, 2013

Surgical knot

Yesterday my daughter found a piece of long string and I decided to see if I could still tie a surgical knot. It took one or two tries, but against all odds, I was able to do it! Unbelievable what you can still remember after so many years. I guess it's like riding a bike. (Except that I can't really ride a bike anymore.)

My husband was unimpressed: "What's so great about a surgical knot?"

Me: "Well, when you tie someone's stomach closed, you want a knot that won't come undone, right?"

Actually, during one of my first surgeries, the surgeon let me tie the knots. I had not yet mastered the technique and as the patient was waking up, two of the knots came undone. The chief resident looked like he wanted to murder me as he quickly retied them with the tiny ends.

Husband: "Is a surgical knot really so much better than a regular knot?"

Me: "Yes."

He tried tying some regular knots in the string, which we were able to undo easily. Then I tied some surgical knots, which could not be undone, thus proving my point and thereby, the superiority of the surgical knot.


  1. I use the same knot to tie my poly electric fencing. It works good for that, too.

  2. ....or "Why Scouts go into surgery" - so they actually have something to do with all those knots they learned! ;-)