Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things I Loved As a Kid But Now Hate

1. Being tickled

2. Roller coasters

3. Slides, especially long twisty ones

4. The 'Burbs (and mostly Tom Hanks)

5. Cotton candy

6. Twister, Operation, basically any board game

7. Care Bears

8. Play-dough

9. Bunk beds or anything other than a normal bed

10. Trampolines

Possibly yet to come:
Things I loved as a kid and still love
Things I hated as a kid but now love
Things I hated as a kid and still hate


  1. How in the wide world of sports could you not like Roller coasters, Slides, especially long twisty ones, Cotton candy and Trampolines? Now Being tickled needs to be on Things I hated as a kid and still hate list.

  2. I must still be a kid.

  3. You need to play better board games.

  4. Riding in a car
    Most candies
    Music from the chipmunks. Well, most of the music of my childhood I guess.
    Not bathing/changing
    Not wearing shoes

  5. For me, tickling goes under 'things I hated as a kid and now love'... mostly because my mother used to think I was ticklish under my chin (weird, right?) and when she tried to tickle me there all that happened is that I felt like I was choking, so I struggled to get away, but she thought it was because she was tickling me... anyway, now it's a fun sexy game with friends ;)

    Also, agreed on the needing to play better board games. If you ever have the time, you should watch 'Tabletop' videos on youtube.

  6. I hated being tickled and still hate it. I still tickled my kids, but I would just stick my fingers under their armpit or neck for all of five seconds. Enough to get a laugh, then leave them alone. See, because that's what I hated, the ticklers in my family don't stop!

    I would still ride rollercoasters if I could, but I have herniated discs. *sniffle* *LOUD SOB*

  7. Hmmm, what did you hate as a kid and now love? I think a lot of the things I now love, I didn't know about as a kid. Honestly, can't really think of anything I loved as a kid and now don't love.....trampolines are still wonderful to me :-)

  8. Bologna, sweet pickles, roller coasters, running through the sprinkler - now known as dodging the darn thing when I move it.

  9. I guess I'm still a kid : Cotton candy is awesome ! and so are board games (the fun ones that is - twister can get pretty painful :P

  10. Also can't stand board games...I tolerated them as a kid, now I just don't even bother.