Monday, July 15, 2013

Why My Intern Is Crying

(Feel free to add your own...)


  1. I am an intern and would like to add a few...

    - Has a two-yr-old, is over 2 hours late from end of day leaving, and is missing their kid's bedtime. Again

    - Was power paged nonstop for the last few hours, still have an H&P from and admission to write, and the next shift's intern wants to sign out. And is sitting next to you waiting. Oh, and while this is all happening, another consulting service called five minutes before sign out to say they are changing the plan completely for a patient you don't know and are cross covering - can you talk about it with them? Oh, and another patient isn't peeing.

    So this week was a rough week...

    1. As I recall, this (minus the 2-year old kid) was my entire intern year. Some days were worse, others better, but it's a decent average of my experiences.

      On the plus side, I learned a lot. On the plus side, you are nearly 5% done with yours. You can do it.

  2. how about -- someone looked at you too kindly. i distinctly remember reaching that post-call emotional exhaustion/brain fry where if someone was either too nice or too mean, i would just have to let a few tears slide...

  3. I love this.
    Dr. Alice

  4. Found out Jessica was going to be her resident.

  5. This. This is amazing.

  6. As a new PGY2 I say amen. Just amen. Or that your upper level slept all night and you ran the whole show cause they didn't want to be woken and the next morning got chewed out on rounds solo.

  7. Love it!

    First night on call as an intern. On Medicine. Called with a low potassium. Obviously the patient needed potassium. Was incredibly worried about HOW MUCH to actually give! Cried in the bathroom. Called my resident.

    I still to this day think so fondly of that woman--she was so sweet to me despite me being a total idiot and paralyzed with fear that first week!

    I cried in every bathroom in that hospital!

  8. 7) Got chewed out by the "mean nurse"

    8) Ordered calcium chloride instead of calcium gluconate for hypocalcemia and caught an earful from the pharmacist

    9) Forgot to do the rectal exam on the guy admitted for cellulitis of the right foot

  9. Forgot to introduce herself last week and got told off the next week because of that.

    Stood in the way of a mean nurse.