Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In our Emergency Department, different sections of the ED are designated by different colors and each color is covered by one nurse. So there's a nurse for Orange, Red, Purple, etc.

An ED attending I was chatting with recently was telling me that there used to also be a section for Black. He said that lasted exactly one day, until the first time they called over the intercom, "Will the Black nurse please come to the nurse's station?"

Apparently, that made everyone very uncomfortable.


  1. I can just picture everyone pausing for a second while that sunk in. The ER I used to take patients to had green for fast tract, red for trauma/emergency and yellow for those inbetween.

    What do your colours stand for?

  2. Ooo. Ouch. In my first surgical ICU job, the hospital provided the scrubs. They were color-coded according to size! If you saw someone in a pink scrub, you immediately knew it was not only an ugly shade of pink, but it was XXXL. TCG