Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dr. Orthochick: I'm standing right here!

ER Patient: Is Dr. PGY3 on tonight?

Me: No, sorry.

ER Patient's husband: Really? That's too bad. She's our favorite.

Me: Yeah, she's really nice. And very smart.

ER Patient: [to husband] I don't like this resident as much as Dr. PGY3

ER Patient's Husband: [to patient] She seems OK, I guess.

ER Patient: [to husband] Well I think she's OK but she's nothing like Dr. PGY3.

ER Patient's Husband: [to patient] That's true. But maybe we'll wind up liking this one.

At that point, the resident in question decided to just leave the room already. Seriously people, can you wait until I'm gone to talk about me?


  1. I guess you weren't wearing that low cut blouse.

  2. I wouldn't have taken it to heart. If they are frequent fliers enough to have a favorite, I'd probably be glad that they didn't like me.

  3. How flattering is that? Although at this point in my career, I don't give a fuck. When covering for another doctor you routinely here stuff like "He's not here? But we really prefer him." You learn to just ignore it, do your job, and turn them over to whoever their goldenboy/girl is on Monday.