Friday, August 30, 2013

Lies I told as a med student


  1. Did you really feel like you did a lot as a med student in surgery? I don't really feel like I did, but maybe my rotations just sucked.

  2. Haha I love the last one so much!

  3. Yup, this is why I avoid teaching hospitals entirely. It's not so much the student participation as the lying, and I'd just rather not play that game.

    1. That's weird. But, it's your choice. You'd probably get better care at a teaching hospital than a for-profit hospital. Patients are more often seen by residents / staff at teaching hospitals...actually...wait...waste of time to reply to you since you're anonymous...I'll be anonymous too.

  4. This is hilarious. Love the honesty.

  5. General rule of thumb in responding to patient's query about your experience:
    1) "In my experience" ( You've done it once.)
    2) "In the procedures I've done" (You've done it twice.)
    3) "Time after time after time" (You've done it three times.)

    This was a running joke back in school.