Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things that I loved as a kid and still love

1. Zach Morris

2. Archie comics

3. Ghostbusters

4. The Muppets

5. Math

6. Ramen noodles

7. McDonald's

8. Reading

9. Drawing

10. The Wizard of Oz


  1. I'll agree with all except 5 and 7.

    And I guess Zach Morris is after my time, because I had to look him up.

  2. Some kids never grow up, do we?

  3. What kind of Ramen noodles?

    I didn't know you were into drawing, or did you mean drawing cartoons?

  4. MMmmmm top ramen......

    I'll agree with that and add Kraft macaroni & cheese, shapes

  5. Kelly Kapowski over Zack Morris but yes on the show.
    No to Ramen. You can literally taste the sodium.

  6. Yes to ramen. Well it depends on the brand. If we're talking Maruchan, you might as well eat cardboard. If you're talking Shin Ramyun, especially the black label, that's lower in sodium. But honestly, you COULD eat the ramen using half or less of the flavoring packet...novel idea???

    1. I use 1/3 the flavor pack these days for health reasons. But I love salt.