Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekly Whine: Updates

Why is everything on my computer and phone constantly needing to update?

Every time I open practically any application, it harasses me to install updates (I'm looking at you, iTunes). You know what I want to do when I open an application? I want to USE it. I don't want to wait five minutes to install updates.

The worst is when I'm at work and I try to open, say, epocrates to look up a drug, and it won't let me use it till I install the updates. So I have to sit there, waiting for the updates to install on the slow as ass connection, before I can figure out the correct dose for freaking Detrol.


  1. If you're a full-out Apple user, OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 will enable automatic updating in the background for applications. Because Epocrates' updates are done within the program itself, Apple's changes won't have an affect there, unfortunately.

    Updates are released in order to improve functionality, add new features, or the big one: for security. A potential reason to disable autoamtic updates (when they become avalable) is if your device or programs are used for "mission critical" applications (that is, your work). If an update drastically changes the user interface or moves features around then it makes sense that you would want to update when you have the time to ease into the update, rather than when you're in the middle of work. If an update breaks something, then it'd be better to find that out before you install it (you'd usually hear about it from other people who went ahead and did the install first).

    1. I wish security would be different from functionality and changing features. To many times things no longer work the same which results in IT needing to step in and make changes. After all this NSA business I can't help but wonder if the company decided to make a change or if the NSA pressured them to for better tracking.

      I swear iTunes used to remove voice memos (of class lectures) and save them as whatever i named them on my phone. Now the file name is the date and time it was created. Not helpful in sending the recordings to class mates. I've decided iTunes will never again be updated.

  2. I can't wait until iOS enables the auto-updates. I have so many apps on my iphone it's a nightly ritual before bed to update the handful of apps with an update available. It's definitely a time sink and something I'm glad John McCain of all people called apple out on.

    Agree 100% fizzy on the annoying epocrates update. It seems to always occur when you are super busy and just need to look up 1 drug dosage before moving on to the next thing. They should really enable an auto-update for that app too.

    I agree Ledgem in theory about some of your points, but I think most docs are computer savy enough they can figure out a lot new features from software update / GUI on the fly. We'd rather be able to use my apps immediately than follow a wait and see approach.

  3. I've used Epocrates on both iPhone and Android. I just deleted it for good because it is essentially unusable. Not only does it need to install 375 updates each and every time I open the app, but it installs for half an hour and still isn't done. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an app in the first place

  4. I'm a big computer nerd and work in the industry. It is terrible how anonying and non-user friendly software is still, in 2013.

    Thankfully the iPad has mitigated quite a bit of that in recent times, it has no issues with viruses, spyware, annoying update popups, and its hard to make a mistake on it.

    The software industry needs more hard working and dedicated people such as the doctors of the world.

  5. Updates are the way the NSA monitors your online activity. Welcome to 1984, Citizen.