Sunday, September 22, 2013


My latest thing is paying people lots of compliments. To colleagues and to patients.

I think it feels nice to get a compliment, so I'm been making an effort to pay it forward, so to speak. And for the most part, they are genuine compliments. Like if I like someone's shirt, I say, "Hey, I really like your shirt."

On the other hand, if someone gets a haircut, I almost always say, "I love your hair." Whether or not I actually love it. Is that wrong?

Speaking of being nice and paying compliments, today seems like a good day to review The Devil Wears Scrubs...


  1. It seems that people today are so quick to speak negative criticisms, yet when they have something positive to say they're almost embarrassed to let the person know. For the past few years I've been trying to give compliments and praise whenever it crosses my mind, and I find that people respond really well to it (not surprisingly). I suspect that part of it is because they're not used to hearing it. It's a bit sad. On the bright side, because saying nice things is such a rarity it makes you look extra, super nice when you do it.

    If you give everyone compliments, even about things you're not impressed by, then I think you cheapen yourself a bit, though. I may give praise fairly often, but every word I say is sincere. I think the people I work with regularly know and appreciate that (although someone I meet for the first time might not know whether I was being sincere or not).

    If a person wants to give praise more often but feels that they can't, it may just be an outlook thing. Have a brighter, more positive outlook, and you'll find the good in situations and people more often than the bad.

  2. I love giving compliments! It makes me happy to see the best in others. I especially try to compliment thoughtful, kind, and intelligent acts (easy to find in medicine in both health care providers and patients).

  3. I'd be glad to purchase, read, and review your book if you can get it onto the Kobo platform.

    1. You can get the kindle program for your computer, if you don't mind reading off the screen.

  4. I try to make sure to compliment people when possible (and let managers, etc. know when I am pleased). I also make a point to leave positive online reviews for various srevice providers if I am satisfied (physician, hair stylist, plumber, vet, mechanic...). If I am not satisfied I discuss it with the provider and have always had any concern addressed to my satisfaction. It's human nature to complain about bad service, but not fair to publicly complain without trying to resolve issues first. Plus, it can really make someone's day better when you pay them a genuine compliment :)