Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dr. Orthochick: Screw

The other day when I was scheduled to take a screw out of a guy I went in to see him before the surgery to make sure the paperwork was filled out and everything.

Patient: Can I have the screw after you take it out?

Me: Uh, sure

Patient: So I can keep it? And take it home?

Me: Yeah, OK...what are you going to do with it?

Patient's wife: We're going to put it on the mantel next to Pa!

I'm guessing they mean Pa's ashes are on the mantel and not Pa himself sitting on the mantel, but I feel like if my soul was hanging out in someone's living room for all eternity, I wouldn't be all that comforted by a syndesmotic screw next to me.


  1. You made me look up syndesmotic so I thought maybe PA was something else, as well. Pale Ale, public address, physician's assistant, professional association, power amplifier, Pennsylvania, or a host of others. Some of those might be on the mantle.