Monday, September 9, 2013


Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of The Devil Wears Scrubs! Have I mentioned how much you guys rock?

If you enjoyed the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or let people know via Facebook/Twitter. If you didn't enjoy it, you can just keep that to yourself....

Also, I want to present an opportunity:

I am trying to get more reviews of the book out there. For those of you with a blog or site that you are looking to promote, if you will put up an honest** review of my book with a link to buy it, I will give you a mention at the end of one of my posts or on my Facebook page (your choice). I think this is a really good opportunity for anyone looking for free promotion.

In other words:

Please review my book!


Also, I want to mention that the book was proofed by my good friend Jenica. If you write your own book, you really must have someone look it over, and Jenica was both professional and fast. I highly recommend her services.

**I don't want you to lie and say you loved the book if you hated it. Be honest. That said, if you say on your website that it sucks ass, I reserve the right not to link to you.


  1. My husband bought me the printed version of the book and said it should arrive tomorrow. I am patiently waiting. Once it arrives, I would be more than happy to leave a review on Amazon.

  2. Really enjoyed it, look forward to future books!

  3. Already did an Amazon review. Looking forward to part II or another book!

  4. Just Tweeted about it.

  5. I actually reviewed it and I didn't even know it was you (although I had a strong suspicion, given the author's name)!
    So my review isn't even biased :))

    And I read it in, like, one evening/night.

  6. Love love loved your book! I laughed and I cried, and at the end I wanted more!

    1. Thank you so much! Please consider an Amazon review.