Friday, September 6, 2013

Organs I wouldn't mind losing

In discussion of the Whipple procedure, my husband and I got to talking about organs you wouldn't mind losing. This is the order in which I wouldn't mind losing the following internal organs, where #1 is the organ I'd most like to keep (fairly obvious from the list).

16. tonsils
15. appendix
14. gallbladder
13. spleen
12. one kidney
11. large bowel
10. small bowel
9. bladder
8. one lung
7. pancreas
6. both kidneys
5. stomach
4. liver
3. both lungs
2. heart
1. brain

Yes, I'm aware I can't live without some of the higher ranking organs. That's why I ranked them so high... duh.


  1. ovary... uterus... might put those on the hit list before some of those big ticket items!

  2. agree with happy internist and would add thyroid and parathyroids higher on the list

  3. What about what organs or tissues you wouldn't mind donating in a ranking order? I think of course obviously blood/plasma is a general preferable donated item above others. But then what about the whole bone marrow, kidneys, part of your liver etc?

  4. I think you can live withouth the stomach but not withouth your small intestine, so I don't really get that choice.

  5. For me, keeping a functioning bladder would be considerably more important, many more times a day, than most of what you list, including stomach, one lung and even pancreas.

  6. Yeah I should at least make the cut.