Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The first time I ever saw a renal biopsy, I nearly fainted.

I was sort of squeamish when I started med school and this was my very first rotation. What can I say? It was a really big needle.

I really tried to be strong. The first time I started to feel that queasiness, I ran from the room, collected myself, then came back. Then it happened again. And I left and came back. And one more time after that.

Not my finest moment.

Anyway, a few weeks later, I was talking to a fellow med student who had watched a renal biopsy that day. The renal fellow apparently said to her, "Well, you did better than Fizzy."

The bastard TOLD her about me and my embarrassing near-fainting!

I thought that was really wrong. But maybe I'm just oversensitive.


  1. women are so overly sensitive XD

  2. I'd like to think he was just trying to make her feel better rather than put you down....hopefully!

  3. fizzy, you're the most over-sensitive person i have EVER come across. really!

  4. In a culture of medicine that encourages students to be perfect and to show no weakness, something like that can range from being embarrassing to inducing a minor existential crisis (of the 'do I belong in medicine??' variety). I speak from experience; I'm a med student with low enough blood pressure that I go vasovagal at the drop of a hat, and it's something I've come to terms with (but not until after I passed out and was admitted to the ED I was supposed to be shadowing in, which is a funny story now, but was excruciating at the time). But when the physicians responsible for training/mentoring you make you feel small for something that you can't really control, it does nothing but promote that same culture, and makes physicians feel like they must be infallible.

    So in a nutshell -- no, I don't think you're being over-sensitive.

  5. We have an employee who spends the first hour of the day giving the pharmacist a play-by-play recollection of previous day. (the pharmacists day off) Number makes me mad that she blabbers stuff that isn't really relevant..and number about doing some real work instead of gossiping like an old lady.