Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I won't wear

I was just shopping at a department store and I'm beginning to think my taste veers significantly from the average female. Here's a list of things I will NOT wear:


--Anything that sparkles

--Any colors that do not appear in nature


--Anything with faux-diamonds or gems glued on

--Floral patterns

But according to what was being sold in that store, this is apparently ALL other women wear.


  1. The solution seems to be to shop at Goodwill or the like.

  2. you seem to be in the Junior's department. Try Petites or a more old-fashioned department store.

  3. I love all those things! :)

  4. I don't mind a ruffle or two or a FEW (note caps) sequins on evening clothes, but other than that your list is the same as mine. Give me 3-4 pair dark slacks, two collared blouses w/ sleeves in a solid color, two what the Brits call a twinset and a few dress-up t-shirts and flats and I can meet the Pope, and attend a school "kiss a pig" event and know I am appropriately dressed. Keep looking.

  5. What are colors that don't appear in nature? I can't think of any. Many probably won't appear in my garden, but I'm sure there's a weird poisonous frog in a rainforest, or a butterfly somewhere halfway across the world that has whatever color I can think of.

  6. You forgot animal prints. I am so not into the whole "leopard print is the new neutral" business.

  7. Though I will say, I share most of your "Nots" and I still find way way way too many clothes I like anytime I shop (though I only shop on-line, I've wandered past store windows, and yes, all the stuff I see is florally/leopardy/day-glo/or sparkly/ruffly enough for a 3-year-old playing princesses.

  8. Add a few revolting fabrics to the list and you have the ugliest clothes imagined - they are all here in KSA. Plus the fact that there are no change rooms means I don't buy anything for 10 months.

    Pharm.Tech. RDC'06