Monday, October 7, 2013

Get a free Kindle copy of The Devil Wears Scrubs

If you have a popular blog, Facebook site, or Twitter account (or something like that), I can gift you a free Kindle copy of The Devil Wears Scrubs in exchange for a positive mention/review on your site.

I understand not everyone has time to read and write a review, so even a mention with a link to the Amazon site would be great!

If you're interested, please send me at email.

(And remember, if you have Amazon Prime, you can still borrow it for free.)


  1. I have a blog but i already bought the kindle version even though i have amazon prime...haven't gotten a chance to read it though. Will put up a link anyway and review later.

    1. That would be really awesome. And if you'd like me to mention you on FB, I'd be happy to.

  2. I am interested in reading the book and i am on facebook and could put up a link to the book. my email is thanks!

  3. Sounds awesome - I just sent you an email, hope I used the right one :)

  4. Sounds good. Can I also get a free copy?

  5. This book is completely awesome! Read it people! It's great!