Friday, October 25, 2013

Pretty sure...

"Doc, I keep having this pain here on my left side. Do you think it's my liver?"

"Your liver's on the right."

"Really? I always thought it was on the left."

"No, your liver's on the right."

"Are you sure?"


I love it when patients try to argue with you about stuff like that.


  1. Yup, but I had a rheumatologist question an imaging report. He said "this can't be right there is no ulnar collateral ligament in the thumb". Of course he retired shortly thereafter due to dimentia.

  2. Once when I was listening for the aortic valve sounds, the patient helpfully redirected me -"the heart is over HERE" (pointing to left side of chest). However, he was a psych patient so I didn't get too wound up about it.