Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly Whine: Commenting

Recently, I was trying to comment on a wordpress blog entry and I nearly lost it.

I have a google account, a yahoo account, and a facebook account, but the blog was complaining if I tried to use any of them to comment. And of course, it wouldn't allow me to comment anonymously. I had something to say, but eventually it just wasn't worth the effort.

And don't get me started on "disqus" commenting. I went through signing up for an entire account and it *still* wouldn't let me comment.

I'm done with commenting on blogs. I have nothing important enough to say to make me sign up for an entire account just to say it.


  1. Well, I have an iPhone that runs iOS 7 and I can't comment on your blog when I use it. And the "captcha" feature you have is difficult to use in general, so......?????

  2. I had had the SAME problems (and reaction) but figured it was because I live in Mexico. Glad to see it isn't that...

  3. Do you experience this with all wordpress blogs, or just with some? I seriously dislike when a blog makes it difficult to comment as well, I wonder if bloggers sometimes don't realize that their blogs have those problems.