Thursday, November 21, 2013

Most Useless

Question of the day:

What was the most useless thing you learned in med school?

(Or if you haven't been to med school, just school in general)

My answer:

Kreb's Cycle. What a waste of brain cells.

In general:

All the capitals of Africa.


  1. Most useless thing: the meaning of res ipsa loquitur. (law school)

  2. African capital names interestingly have been somewhat useful to me. Knowing them, and other random facts about geography and world history have come in handy from time to time in social and professional situations. Even Latin came in handy when my husband and I were dating (in the country he is from, everyone takes Latin).

    Utterly useless? Anything by Shakespeare.

    1. "African capital names interestingly have been somewhat useful to me"


  3. I'll keep that in mind next semester when I take biochemistry, ha!

  4. Med School - Coal tar treatment for psoriasis In General - Scientific Names for 500 different insects.

  5. Replies
    1. Additionally, how to do the macarena. Every single morning...

  6. Med school: the different metabolic diseases that result in death before age two.
    General: What John Locke would think about public smoking policies (that was actually a paper I did in college).

  7. Well... I've definitely met many Americans who think geography is useless so you're not alone, Fizzy.

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    1. See, I found that useful for learning foreign languages. And school really is heavy on diagramming sentences in Spain...

  9. An entire course in the biophysical chemistry of macromolecules (Cantor & Schimmel 3-volume set, anyone?). Also deriving all of the major formulas in basic physical chemistry.

    Can't remember any of it and question whether it was really me who "learned" all that stuff > 10 years ago.

  10. Everything in my 3 years of mandatory Phylosophy in high school.

    As for med school... the structures and formulas of all aminoacides (seems like biochem is a win-win in this post).

  11. Agree 100% percent. I have "learned" and completely forgotten the Krebs cycle no less than EIGHT TIMES (high school, college, MCAT, and med school -- test & final exam in each).

    Also useless: most of organic chemistry. You pretty much just need to understand that R & L enantiomers are different & that glucose is important. That's all.

  12. Love calculus, but definitely not the most useful of topics......