Thursday, November 7, 2013


This morning, my phone woke me up. The number was my dad's, so I answered it. But there was only shuffling and distant voices. I hung up and called him back. He seemed surprised to hear from me.

"Did your pants call me again?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah. Sorry."

Every once in a while, my dad's pants call me. He hasn't figured out how to lock his phone, so his pants just call people indiscriminately. Sometimes I'll be with my dad, and we'll hear this faint little "hello? hello?" coming from his pants.

Sometimes his pants leave a ten minute message on my voicemail.


  1. haha alot of people pants like to call others. :P haha

  2. Hehe. I had a friend who used to butt-dial me all the time.

  3. Hee, this is funny! Once, one of my Aunt's cats called was on speed dial...she definitely got a surprise when the police showed up!

  4. One night we got to hear my father-in-law doing his nightly walk over our answering machine. That was entertaining!