Friday, November 8, 2013

Post-call checklist

For my own amusement, I once saved a list of everything I had to do post-call prior to going home as an intern in the ICU with my census of 7 patients. And here it is:

-Check labs on all 7 patients
-Write morning labs for tomorrow on all 7 patients
-Call case manager about punting patient to a nursing home
-Recalculate pt's insulin regimen
-For a discharge on Monday: call cardiology about follow up, call rheum about follow up, call renal about follow up, call neuro about follow up
-Write discharge note, plus the four consult notes
-Fill out forms for "home health care"
-Beg chief residents to transfer a pt to the wards
-Long list of medications that needed to be ordered or changed, including antibiotics, which require a separate form
-Long list of tests that needed to be ordered
-Consult ENT about getting pt a trach
-F/U several tests on patients, including LE dopplers, echos, CXRs, cultures, more labs
-Call oncology about starting pt on chemo
-Call chemo pharmacy about ordering chemo meds
-Try to find a "chemo nurse" to administer the meds
-Call IR about meta-port clotting off
-Consult GI about anemic pt
-F/U GI recs
-Call hematology about hem pt being discharged
-Renew orders for restraints and antibiotics
-Write pt's discharge
-Write notes on all 7 patients
-Write off-service note on patient being transferred to wards


  1. Thank you for reminding me why I love being a pathologist.

  2. Clearly the best time to do all of this is after 30 sleepless hours of admitting patients and covering 60 patients on the floor. What could go wrong?