Friday, January 10, 2014

Want to be a clown?

An actual email I once got:

Would you like to give the healing gift of laughter to sick an orphaned children?

Have you always wanted to be a clown?

The Gold Foundation is sponsoring a medical student to accompany Patch Adams on his annual Clown Trip to Russia (November 2004).

Each year, Dr. Patch Adams brings a group of clowns, who also happen to be healthcare professionals, to Russia for two weeks to clown for children in hospitals and orphanages. Through the Jonathan Aaronson Memorial Fund, the Gold Foundation is sponsoring one medical student to participate in this extraordinary trip.

Each GHHS Chapter is being offered the opportunity to submit a student for consideration. No previous clowning experience is necessary. The GHHS Chapter Advisor should forward to the Gold Foundation the selected student’s statement of interest no later than July 30th.

I still regret not taking the opportunity to be a clown. I mean, I already went to clowning college. (I mean, Princeton.)

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