Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Whine: Mushrooms

I was at the supermarket the other day and I reached for a package of fresh sliced mushrooms. This random old guy standing next to the mushrooms gets my attention.

Man: "Can I ask you a question about mushrooms?"

Me: "Uh. Okay."

Man: "Doesn't it make more sense to buy whole mushrooms rather than sliced?"

Me: "Well, this way I don't have to slice them or wash the dirt off."

Man: "It's not like they're hard to slice."

Seriously??? I can't even buy mushrooms in peace without some busybody criticizing me?

I think if buying sliced mushrooms makes my life a little easier, I'm entitled.


  1. Wouldn't it make more sense for him to grow his own vegetables rather than go to the supermarket? It's not like they're that hard to grow.

  2. At my grocery store, the whole and the sliced cost the same. I purchase whatever is easier for the recipe I'm making.

  3. "Doesn't it make more sense to mind your own business?"

  4. He is making an excuse for conversation. What else is there to talk about? How about the cold weather?

    1. Yes. Or anything that isn't a judgement on something completely benign.