Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've got a job for you right here

Me: "Where do you insert the needle to sample the adductor longus muscle?"

Dr. Inappropriate: "Right here." [points to area one centimeter below his crotch] "So you feel for the pubic bone and--"

Me: "Um, maybe you could show me on the patient?"


  1. Waw! Why would you sample it?

  2. That's interesting. The thing doctors constantly have to remind students about here - especially on things like head, neck and breast surgery - is that they should not gesticulate to their own anatomy. I understand why we do it by accident though - it comes from the gesticulating that goes on when one studies for an anatomy exam!

  3. With all due respect, doctors aren't always logical thinkers. You have to take into account that in dealing with the human body day in and day out, a lot of the emotional connotations tend to just get lost. As a swimmer, I'm so used to people in tight Speedos that unless someone has a really pretty and outstanding swimsuit, you are so "immune" to the sight that seeing any one cute doesn't make a difference.


  4. I agree with anonymous at 1:56 pm. I look at naked bodies all day long. So when I see a penis it is no different than seeing a nose. I have caught myself describing a kid's inguinal mass to a male colleague and pointing to the location on my body. I'm sure the guy thought I was being inappropriate. to be more careful.

  5. I wonder if Dr. Inappropriate was a super hot gunner? Or are those two concepts that don't ever align (super hot AND gunner)?

    1. They align, but then we just call them "asshole." It's the proper term of endearment.