Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confused (a poem)

"Doctor, I believe your patient going home today
Is a bit more confused."

"Nurse, tell me why you think so
Please don't think me rude"

"Well, I asked him where he was today
He said he was on a cruise
He didn't say what kind it was
But hinted there would be booze
I asked him the name of the President
And he said it was 'some black dude.'
Then his tray of lunch arrived
And he said he didn't want food.
Instead he threw the contents of his tray
On Mrs. Smith, who is being transfused.
Except for the peanut butter and jelly
Which he spread on his body nude.
And now he's up on top of the roof
Dancing to Huey Lewis and the News."

"Nurse, I appreciate your concern
But I don't share your views.
Yes, I think he'll still go home today
That diagnosis has not been proved."

"Send him home if you'd like, Doctor
It's you who will be sued."

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