Thursday, April 17, 2014

The old man and his bowels (a poem)

I said, "I'm worried
Your blood pressure continues to raise."
The old man said,
"I haven't pooped in three days!"
I said, "I'm worried about hardening
Of your arterial walls."
The old man said,
"My stool is hard little balls."
I said, "I've got a new medication for you
That will help your blood sugar to improve."
The old man said, "That's good.
Will it also help my bowels move?"
I said, "Do you have a question
On a topic we touched upon?"
The old man said, "Yes
Where is the john?"

(I know nobody liked my last poem, but I had one more left I'd written and what else am I supposed to do with it?


  1. The other one was good, but this one is awesome.

    -Liz T

  2. I'm so glad I work in pediatrics! The parents are more obsessed with their kids' BMs than the kids are....

  3. Had to find out what means: 'where is the john', as I'm a Dutchie, but now I know!

  4. As a man approaching old I thank you for the tribute!

  5. I apologize for not commenting before, then, because I loved both the last poem and this one!