Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dr. Orthochick: Text Messages

10 Text Messages I Received Today From Different People

You gave me a strange look yesterday :-/ wasn't sure what that was about?

Gotta be able to sleep so your hippocampus can consolidate stuff

Apparently stripper girl stalked him last night

I just got done being a retractor monkey

You'll be fine. If something bleeds, zap it.

I quit my job, but nobody knows yet.

They're out there. Out in the woods. Quietly sawing away.

I put one on your car so it didn't look like I was playing favorites to your colleagues

Make sure you have all my paperwork finished before the next case. Then call the insurance company to see if the Xarelto is covered. Call me if it's not.

[Dr. Awesome] agrees with me that there is no way in hell we should touch this chick and she should just go back to the doctor that did the first 20 surgeries on her leg.

(OK, the last one was mine)

Geez. Good thing I have the "unlimited texting" plan, because I'm pretty sure everyone I know is crazy.

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