Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guest Post: Haikus and Limericks

1. Absurd GERD

Poor Ms. Diane suffered from GERD
When an interesting thought occurred
"Protonix I hate"
"My home Nexium is great"
So I changed her to what she preferred

2. A Haiku for a Healthy BM

I'm told you can't poop
Here is some Colace to help
I will pray for you

3. Dream Time

There once was a woman from Millville
Who kept on requesting a sleeping pill
Ambien and Xanax I denied
Continuosly she cried
Until I caved and prescribed her a Benadryl

4. Restraints Haiku

I went to step-down
Patient already restrained
I will sign orders

5. Acidity Haiku

She had a GERD flare
Already has Protonix
Let us try some Tums

Contributed by Dr. H


  1. These transported me back to the long stretches of intern year ennui that punctuated the adrenaline-infused moments.