Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Post: Miss Perky Butt

We all know Miss Perky Butt. She could be anyone - secretary, IT, another partner, a lab tech. She's ubiquitous. She's just plain annoying. A dominatrix without consciousness.

My partner ran into Miss Perky Butt the other day. She is from a different culture. She's white, she's black, she's European, she's from the Fiji Islands. It doesn't matter.

"Hello Miss Perky Butt."

"Oh hello Dr. So and So."

She got it wrong. She called him the other tall bald doctor's name. The one that was over twenty years older than the one she was talking to.

"No, I'm not Dr. So and So. I'm Dr. What the Fuck. But I guess we all look alike, don't we?"

She missed it. It flew right over her dominatrix head. She didn't care that she got it wrong. She smiled pleasantly and walked on, probably plotting to conquer her next world.

You go, Miss Perky Butt.

Contributed by Gizabeth of Methodical Madness

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