Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekly Whine: Book orders

I know book orders are supposed to be great and all because reading is great, right? But every time we get a book order from school, I end up being annoyed. Mostly because the book order has a lot of things that aren't books and those are the things that my daughter actually wants. For example:

So basically one is a sparkly drawing book. And the other is a musical instrument that she's going to play badly until I want to scratch out my ears. In any case, neither of them is going to encourage her to do more reading.

And then if I don't order something from the book order, she feels bad when the books come and she doesn't get any. It's a lose lose.


  1. I fail to do most book orders because I don't have time, then feel so guilty that once a year I let them pick 10 things and buy them all. I hate the crap, but I can usually bribe them with the crap in order to pick out a few new things. Jack likes the science, bug, and weather informational books. C is so over book orders, thank goodness.

  2. It's OK to say "reading books only" & let them pick with those parameters. I remember getting some really good children's books inexpensively from those ordere...but you do need to weed through the crap.

  3. As a former teacher I can tell you that the majority of the books are at a great price and if you want to buy your daughter books it is a great way to buy them. I can also tell you not as many parents as you think order so your daughter won't be the only one not getting any when the order comes in.

  4. I loved getting the books from the book orders when I was a kid (My very favorite was "Candystripers"....big surprise!). My son, however, had little interest in them....go figure. Althought he loves to read.

    Maybe they changed the books and I was just dumber than him!