Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekly Whine: Holiday Weekends

I hate holiday weekends.

It's okay if it's a three-day weekend because then I get a day off (sometimes). But if it's holiday weekend that doesn't involve a day off, that really stinks.

For example, Mother's Day weekend. It meant that going out to a restaurant just for simple meal on Sunday, there were tons of crowds. Basically, the fact that it's a holiday means that everything is super crowded.

Not that we shouldn't appreciate mothers and all, but I just don't like appreciating them by taking them to a crowded restaurant.


  1. I haven't been to a restaurant on Mother's Day in my entire life. Also, I work most holidays and am very happy to be in the ER instead of doing mother's day, fathers day or Columbus day. Then I have a non-holiday weekend off and have no trouble getting reservations at the restaurant of my choice.

    There's no reason to "celebrate" any non-religious holidays on a particular day just because the calendar and Hallmark tell you that you have to.

  2. But why the hell would you go to a restaurant on mothers day? Did you go on PURPOSE?