Thursday, June 26, 2014

Best Laxative

In my line of work, we use a lot of laxatives. Some of our favorites are colace, senna, dulcolax, miralax, mg citrate, MOM. But I recently discovered a laxative that works better than any of the above with relatively few side effects. The name of that laxative is...


I've come to that conclusion after every single time I enter a room to see a patient, they immediately comment that they have to use the bathroom. Without fail.

In fact, my laxative effects are so powerful that frequently when I am scheduled to see a patient, I come into the room and they're already on the toilet. With no end in sight.

I come in tablet, powder, and suppository forms.


P.S. Don't forget to buy a copy of The Devil Wears Scrubs while it's on sale for only a buck!


  1. I once had a guy who was constipated tell me he always had to go when he went into Best Buy. So I wrote him a script to go to Best Buy and he was cured. No lie.

  2. As a pediatrician, the OB nurses laugh that I "bring out the best in babies". Almost every time I round on a baby, there is a wet or dirty diaper! (Yes I am capable of changing a diaper.) But I stay away from old people!

  3. Just ordered your book for my iPad!


    1. Finished your book last night. I really enjoyed it and hope you write another!!


  4. i ordered you book this week and finished it in one sitting. Now I think I have to go back and read more slowly to savor. Thanks for a great book!