Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dr. Orthochick: EMR

Why Every Hospital Needs an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Part II:

Dr. Critical: Dr. Chatterbox told me that he had to round on my patient [in the other part of the hospital across the street] over the weekend and he didn't have a resident

Me: No, I saw the patient on Monday and wrote a note. My note was written 2 minutes after his, according to the timestamps.

Dr. Critical: Dr. Chatterbox was very upset that he had to write his own note and couldn't cosign a resident's note

Me: Are you sure he's not upset because he just noticed he wrote the patient was postop day 10 from a debridement of the "tibula and fibula"?

That was the end of that discussion.

(Probably shouldn't have said that, but seriously, I saw the patient before 7:15 when I had 14 other patients to round on and a surgery to do starting at 7:30, I wrote my note, and my note did not contain the word "tibula." That being said, Dr. Chatterbox just copied the previous resident's note, which has been copied from day to day because all you have to do is copy-paste in the electronic medical record, which means the previous 9 days postop also said "tibula." Seriously people, we're orthopaedic surgeons. Read your damn notes.)

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