Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekly Whine: Glee

I've been watching Glee since it first started. I have to say, it's an incredibly stupid show. I would never watch it in a million years except that I really like the musical numbers.

However, I recently watched the finale, and I feel it's reached new levels of stupidity. I sort of want to throw something at the TV and yell, "Stop being such a dumb show!" And I guess the public agrees because it's apparently not getting good ratings anymore.

I don't understand. You have a hit show that earns millions of dollars… why wouldn't you invest in somebody who can actually write a good script?


  1. I thought it was really funny in the first two seasons, and then it went downhill from there. I've seen it all except for the last 3 episodes, so I can't comment on the ending, but I'll probably have the same reaction as you.

    I feel like the problems started when the writers stopped trying to be entertaining and started trying to cram in as many hot button issues as possible. I feel like they didn't do these issues justice. Highlighting a character in an abusive marriage or with an eating disorder and then promptly ignoring that storyline in future episodes almost trivializes these issues and the long-term impact they have on people. That's irresponsible and almost offensive. I feel like this is the sort of thing that propagates misunderstanding of mental conditions.

    I think sometimes the storylines were dropped because the writers simply changed their minds about how they wanted the story to go, like what happened with the teenage girl who had a baby. That makes sense. But most of the time it seems like they had no intention of carrying on with the story. It seems kind of pointless to feature two characters in wheelchairs have a sexual relationship that lasted for two episodes when it did not impact the story in any way whatsoever. It seemed like the writers just wanted to put that relationship on television just to have something edgy on television. It's silly.

    What's even more silly is listening to people complain about what *isn't* on Glee. So many people complaining that the challenge they went through in high school was never represented on Glee. I get the feeling of wanting to see one's personal experiences played out on television to have the comfort of knowing that you're not alone and seeing a happy resolution, but what's the point if there is no depth to that story? The more people demand to see on the show, the less depth the show can have.

    I love all the musical performances though.

    1. The random dropping storylines reminds me of Ryan Murphy's other show nip/tuck. There would be some storyline that was really important and then it would just suddenly disappear and never be spoken of again for like two or three months. But that was actually an interesting show.

  2. Therese, that's exactly what I came here to say. As a disabled person, it was especially galling that they did that kind of off hand treatment to people with disabilities, and they didn't even bother to use people who really had disabilities. After that brouhaha, they actually hired a person who couldn't fake being disabled (the person has Down Syndrome) but they disappeared quickly too.

  3. The show has always been too stupid for me to watch, so I just buy the songs on iTunes because I do like their covers of songs.

  4. But so often funny, well-written shows end up in one place- the canner. Reason: they don't appeal to the masses. Most of the time the public doesn't want to think, they want to be entertained. Also shows that appeal most to the masses are shows that are an entertaining experience without any previous knowledge of the show, plot, or characters, which can really limit writers.

    I was into glee briefly until I stopped liking the characters; they were too changeable, behaved too unrealistically even for teenagers. I started feeling like it was less like a show about a group of teenagers, and more like a group of teenage actors randomly assigned to play a different role every week. And then even the actors became interchangeable.

  5. Agreed. Dr. Fizzy, they need your help!
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