Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekly Whine: Daycare

It's been my contention that three things that it's a mistake to complain about online are your current job, your childcare, and your spouse. I feel like all these things are just asking for trouble. That's why I only talk about previous jobs and my residency, and did I mention my husband is absolutely wonderful?

However, I recently switched daycares. So now I feel completely at liberty to go to town complaining about my previous daycare. After all, what are they going to do?

This first story took place when I was about seven months pregnant with my second:

We pay for five days a week of daycare, even though Mel didn't go on Tuesday, my day off. It's was the same price for four and five days, so we paid for five days and I just kept her home most Tuesdays. We brought her in maybe 2 Tuesdays since she started close to a year ago.

Anyway, I was very sick with a cold one Tuesday, so we decided to bring Mel to daycare so I could have a break.

Unfortunately, when my husband brought her to the daycare, they told us that she wasn't signed up for Tuesdays and they were full that day.

My husband was SO angry, rightfully so. We were paying for five days a week, but because she wasn't there on Tuesdays, they sold the day to another kid, I guess. They kept saying she was on a 4 day rate,resulting in this ridiculous conversation:

Me: "I'm paying for five days."

Daycare: "You're on the four day rate though."

Me: "How much is the four day rate?"

Daycare: "$300 a week."

Me: "And how much is the five day rate?"

Daycare: "$300 a week."

Essentially, because they noticed we weren't coming five days a week, they sold that extra day to another student, even though we were still paying for it.

Anyway, my husband lost it and started yelling at them, which made me feel even worse. I mean, this isn't people we're buying a toaster from. These are the people taking care of our kids. And I was counting on them to take the new baby too. I was almost crying.

So I later called them back and apologized for him yelling. I said it was a misunderstanding and they said they'd put her down for the five days again (same price as four days) once there was room. We actually had to go on a waiting list for the day we were already paying for.

It took about a month, but then they told me that I had the day back. And from then on, I brought her in every Tuesday so that I wouldn't lose the day. I needed it in case I was in labor that day.

I guess it's good we sorted this out before I brought her there while in labor on a Tuesday or something.


  1. I have to agree with you and hubby on this one. I can almost see why they charge the same for 4 days a week and 5 days a week, because their costs per kid between 4 days and 5 is probably almost the same. I can also see why they sold that Tuesday slot to another family, but if that's how they roll, they should have told you that up front, in writing, AND, in the case of the occasional emergency, since they are charging the same for 4 and 5 days, they should suck it up, and watch your kid for you.

  2. That makes me really mad, Fizzy. We switch daycares recently for similar reasons and have been much happier with the new arrangement. What they were doing -- treating you like they were doing you a favor for watching your kids -- is unforgivable. I guess I am wondering, didn't you have a contract that specifically said five days? I would have loved to watch you shove that contract up the daycare's ass. What a total POS.

  3. It didn't matter. We could've complained to the central office and probably forced them to fix it, but I didn't want to antagonize them.

  4. It's so sad that you had to call to apologize for your husband's understandable frustration. I know you didn't want them to alter their care of your daughter in any way b/c of the incident, but it still reminds me of energy-consuming it can be to deal with people if there's any related complaint or conflict. I am blessed with very good social skills (per my reviews, anyway) and used to love working with people, but lately I'd prefer to use all that energy for other things.

  5. Ugh that's really frustrating. They could have told you.