Monday, July 28, 2014

What's that noise?

Me: "Oh my God, what's that beeping noise? It's so annoying! Where's it coming from?"

Husband: "Isn't that your pager?"

Me: "Oh. You're right."

What can I say? I don't get paged a lot.


  1. Got paged once. I'm in my last year of podiatry school. I know, why would a podiatry student need a pager? You got me! An emergency bunionectomy?? Anyway, I'm having my usual recurring nightmare: I'm standing in an auditorium, naked no less,presenting a lecture to a group of med students on the sciatic nerve and its tributaries.I can hear one of the med students snickering, "Say, look at the podiatry student. He's not wearing any shoes!" When I arrive at the hospital I'm
    told I will be "assisting" a peripheral vascular surgeon on the repair of the index finger. To make a long story short, I know, too late!, he was not happy with me.
    The next day he was overheard saying, "that little guy really gets on my nerves!"
    Mind you, he's five foot nothing and I'm a head taller. The indignity of it all.