Monday, August 25, 2014

99 cents

Don't forget to pick yourself up a copy of Suicide Med for only $.99 while the deal lasts!


  1. Thanks for the reminder - I look forward to reading it!

  2. Analysis of Main Characters of Suicide Med:

    Heather: Not the "barbie doll" type (Dr. Fizzy's alter ego?) with some body image
    issues, Heather is a natural beauty. Initially attracted to the very
    good looking and overly confident Mason, Heather's instincts and basic good
    values make the choice for her: Abe.

    Mason: As his name suggests, Mason has lived a very protected life (akin to a mason jar). Unprepared to deal with life's difficulties, Mason is just one "accident"
    away from a total meltdown. Unfortunately for Mason, his life of "privilege" was
    anything but.

    Abe: A good heart-ed young man, Abe smartly chooses Heather as his life partner.
    Seeing beyond her outer beauty, Abe literally sweeps Heather off her feet.
    Unfortunately, to survive the medical school experience, some of "the goodness"
    of Abe needs to be "cut out." Now hardened by the experience, Abe chooses
    surgery as a way to deal with the aftermath.