Friday, August 1, 2014

Like a room without a roof

When I was in medical school, one of my classmates made a list of things that you need to be happy. He actually put a lot of thought into it and made it into a very comprehensive list.

I don't remember much of it, but it contained the usual suspects. You need a significant other, a career that you enjoy, and the ability to be able to enjoy good food.

But number one on the list was:

Being able to pee.

Because he figured that if you couldn't pee, then you couldn't enjoy any of those other things.

(What specialty do you think this guy went into?)


  1. My first thought was general surgery, as irony since breaks are not allowed, but on second thought, urology probably makes more sense.

  2. Psyc speciality - Paruresis

  3. I had a nephrology attending who said something similar. My reply: not breathing is going to kill you a heck of a lot faster
    I'm Anesthesia, of course :)

    1. but not peeing is a much more pleasant way to go, IMHO!

  4. An internal medicine physician that taught me made the statement "There are three important functions for life. Blood must go round and round, Air must go in and out, and you must make pee. Everything else can wait a little bit."