Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly Whine: Neighbors

I completely hate our upstairs neighbors, which is a couple and their teenage children. This is my list of grievances:

--they have screaming cursing arguments and the police have been here twice

--They gave us bed bugs

--they have a gigantic dog that barks at us when we come home

--they smoke on the porch and throw cigarette butts onto our porch and lighters onto the common lawn

--They are really loud, even late at night

--On several occasions, they have parked in front of our garage, blocking us in

The problem is, even though it's annoying that they smoke and curse on the porch right above us, it's not illegal. Enough people have complained about them that the management claims their lease hasn't been renewed, but they are apparently living there month-to-month. Or else the management is full of shit and their lease has been renewed.

The only good thing is that I was able to use their presence as a reason for a rent increase reduction.


  1. Around here we call them white trash. But seriously, it's awesome when you have great neighbors, and absolute hell when you don't. I've had both.

  2. Throwing cigarette butts on someone else's porch should be an imprisonable offense. Why not collect the nasty pieces of carcinogenesis (with gloves and a forceps, of course) for a couple of months, box them up, wrap them nicely and give them back for Christmas with a note that says "Dear Neighbor, you seem to have dropped these! I am returning them to you now, I hope you don't lose them again. Merry Christmas!"

  3. Can you move? A lower rent does nothing for your family when you are dealing with a stressful job and turkeys above you.

  4. Our previous neighbors would park in our driveway, so we called the police on them. Problem solved. Also, I like Anon 2:59's suggestion.

  5. bed bugs?!
    I had a neighbor couple that fought loudly, both verbally and physically. Unfortunately I couldn't force the woman to report the abuse to the police, or at least leave him.

  6. Have you considered moving to NC? The people I've met here are super courteous,
    easygoing with a live and let live attitude. The cost of living and the beautiful climate
    doesn't hurt either!