Monday, September 15, 2014


I got an email just now with the subject "California Corrections." I got really scared. I thought maybe they caught up with me on that hit and run. (Just kidding, but I really did get a little scared.)

Anyway, this was the email:

I hope that you do not mind me emailing you this afternoon. I am quickly sending this email to you in case you are looking for a new opportunity or perhaps a higher paying job. The California Detentions Centers (CDC) have contact us to assist them in providing Family Practice coverage. The compensation is in the range of $130.00 an hour to $160.00 an hour. Credentialing and getting processed through the CDC system is a lengthy process. It can take about 3 to 4 months.

It's nice that although I told this recruiting agency to leave me alone, they are still sending me jobs nowhere near where I live, as well as in the wrong field. Good work, Staff Care. I also find it kind of funny that they're looking for family practice doctors for detention centers. I just picture a whole family in jail and being seen by the doctor.


  1. Here is what my reaction would have been to the correspondence:
    Me: CDC?! OMG! I wonder if I inadvertently contracted the Ebola virus!! (looking over the letter more carefully.) Oh wait....this is a different CDC...never mind.

  2. Questions for the CDC: Do they provide lunch and are you required to be on call?
    Personally, if it was me, lunch would be the deal breaker.

  3. Dr. Fizzy,
    With your permission, I wanted to add a brief statement as to why I should be chosen as a finalist in the First Annual Medical Humor Writing Contest.
    If chosen, I promise to be a good ambassador of medical humor writing. To be humble and not exploit my humor in a manner that is not becoming of my title. To help others who are medically humorless and/or humorously challenged, medically speaking. Yes,I promise to do all this and more if given the opportunity.
    By the way, does it come with a certificate?
    -The Pod

  4. I think the not funny thing is that they may actually be recruiting family docs to see illegal immigrant families in prison. I know that in Canada, illegal immigrants sometimes end up being detained in prison cells (including children, which seems incredibly wrong). I assume it's a similar situation in the U.S.