Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stick Figure Death

Circa 1998, there was a little fad on the internet called STICK FIGURE DEATH THEATERS....

The basic idea is that you animate little scenarios of stickmen dying in creative ways. Always one to get sucked into internet fads (in college), I immediately downloaded some animation software and made my own stick death site.

I made about a dozen or so animations. I showed them to everyone. I was very ghetto and low tech about my animations, but I got a lot of hits initially because I came into the game early. I was on the top 20 site for a while and I was an early member of the stick death ring. The animations on other sites quickly became pretty elaborate and my site got pushed out of the mainstream, but I will always carry a piece of that site with me (on my harddrive).

Here's a sample:

For the next month I'm going to keep posting these intermittently. Because it's my damn blog and I want to.


  1. If that's your thing, "Stick" to it Dr. Fizzy!

  2. It's kinda like "1000 Ways to Die: Stick People Version"