Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As you can see from the winning entry posted yesterday, I received some amazing entries to the humor writing contest. I have just barely enough to put together a little anthology of the best of them, pending permission from the authors.

If you didn't make the deadline for the contest but would like to be included in the anthology, please email me a submission. The more the better!


  1. When I was first informed by Dr. Fizzy that I would not be part of the anthology,
    I was upset. However, to her credit, she took the time to e-mail me and explain
    at great length why my submission should not be included. It was done with
    fairness and most of all kindness. Although I didn't make the cut, I'm still a
    big Fizzy fan. Thank you Dr. Fizzy for simply being you. - Paul

  2. Hi Dr. Fizzy, Thanks for the great blog! Sorry for the random comment here but I don’t see another place to leave a note! runs an interview series ( with med school applicants and students in which we feature your blog and talk about some of the successes and challenges you are facing (or have faced) in the application experience. We’d love to feature you and your blog. Are you available to answer 6-7 questions via email? Can you please email me at Thanks!