Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekly Whine: Surveys

I really hate people who call you on the phone to do surveys.

I used to feel sorry for those people. I mean, what a crappy job. So one day, when I had a little bit of time, I agreed to do the survey.

I felt that my goodwill was completely taken advantage of. I answered a few questions, but the questions wouldn't stop. It was getting to the point where my answers were completely irrelevant because the questions were stupid and I was so angry at that point.(The questions involved my rating movie after movie after movie, most of which I had never even seen.)

What was worse is that after I finally told the person, as politely as I could, that I was not going to participate anymore, the number of calls I got seemed to triple. Like I got put on some sort of sucker list.

I insist on having a landline for emergencies, but the only calls we get on the landline are from telemarketers or people doing surveys, despite being on a no call list. We eventually just turned the ringer off. They have basically rendered our phone nearly useless. I hate those people.


  1. Here's a link that might be helpful. Go to you tube and put in: Seinfeld - Telemarketer Call

  2. It's interesting you should post this today (well yesterday) of all days! Over the past 12 weeks and completely out of the blue I've been receiving call after call after call from telemarketers (I registered my # the minute the instructions were made available many, many years ago & had NEVER had a problem even during "election" times until 12 weeks ago). And, because the calls themselves aren't annoyingly ridiculous in of themselves, they start as early as 8am & have come in as late as 10:30pm! In the beginning I thought it was a fluke so I waited about a week before I completely lost my s^^t! When they just wouldn't stop I reached out to my phone carrier and they registered my # on some type of list. But after FOUR weeks the calls had NOT stopped (NOR SLOWED DOWN) so I took things a bit further. I registered (myself) online @! I also called 888-382-1222 and registered & finally I asked my carrier to block things AGAIN on their end. Each request "warns" you it can take (depending on which method you use) up to six weeks for things to completely stop. While things have slowed down, they've in no way ceased and it's be WELL OVER SIX WEEKS! When I get a call that actually has a phone # show up on the caller ID I will block the # (really easy on an iPhone) once I make sure it's not someone important whose # I just don't recognize. Unfortunately, I've been dealing w/ a lot of medical issues & have been talking back/forth w/ many doctors in/out of my state so I've had to answer calls that I wouldn't normally answer (blocked, unknown or #'s I just don't recognize)! Otherwise, I'd let the calls go to voice mail and if it's anyone important, they'd leave a message. All that to share what I've tried and to see if anyone else has any ideas??

    Hope y'all have a great Sunday!

  3. Have an answering machine call screen for you.